Tuesday, July 28, 2015

3rd Cutting Alfalfa

Some of the Best Alfalfa in East Tn!

The fields were fertilized in the spring. 
After the 1st cutting they were limed and hit with round up to clear any weeds/Johnson grass. It’s extremely clean. 
Hay was put in windrows at night and baled the next morning so it was caught in case. 
These bales should weigh average 45-50 lbs. 
Bottom line this is as nice of a alfalfa product as you’ll find in Tn our area.

Bales are $8.75 each FOB the barn. 
I know we can get 560 on a 53' Van.  
We may be able to get as many as 600. 
Most likely about 580.

Local freight carrier who will deliver for $2.50 a loaded mile.  

Call Ken for details:

Hay Terms:
Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Cashier's Check 
paid before hay is loaded.

Trucking Terms:
Local Trucker paid on delivery.
Roadrunner net 30 days with approved credit 
or fax check with truck dispatch.
Call Al for Roadrunner information 210-782-9055
Customer is responsible for unloading the hay within a 2 hour period.

Friday, July 17, 2015

First Cutting Alfalfa Hay

Over 500 3'x3'x8' Bales of Alfalfa Hay

$52.50 per bale fob farm in Topeka, Ks.

Trucking Available $2.50 per loaded mile.

Truck Load is 54 bales.

Protein is about 16%

RFV is about 114.


Ken 423-943-2847


Al 210-393-5063

email hay@loveamericaback.com 



Wire transfer, Credit Card or Cashier's Check
(prior to loading hay)


Net 30 days if prior approval with Roadrunner Transportation Services or if not approved send a fax check the day the truck is to be dispatched.

Call Al about Trucking Questions.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bermuda Bahia Grass Hay

300 bales of 4'x5' 

Net Wrapped Bermuda Bahia Mixed Grass Hay 

$40 per bale fob farm in Hunt County, Tx 

if you buy them all or $45 per bale pick and choose. 

Trucking available for 38 bale loads. 

Ken 423-943-2847
Al 210-782-9055

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Alfalfa Horse Hay

3rd Cutting
Alfalfa Horse Hay
60 lb bales
13.9% protein
Little Coarse but Leaves Present
600 bales per load
$6.85 per bale fob barn!
Only one load remaining!
Call Ken Now!

Trucking available from Kansas City area at $2.75 per loaded mile for this load.

Wire transfer, Credit Card or Cashier's Check
(prior to loading hay)
Cashier's Check at time of delivery.

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Horse Hay Rounds

Mixed Orchard Grass

Barn Hay!


4'x5' Bales

Call Ken now!
Al 210-393-5063

Delivered 38 bales per truck load!

Call Al for trucking rates!

 Horses love our barn hay!

 38 bales per truck load
 Loaded May 6, 2014 for Indiana!

Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Cashier's Check prior to loading hay.

Call Ken 423-943-2847 for Hay information.
Call Al 210-393-5063 for trucking information.

Rates average $2.35 per loaded mile to $2.75 per loaded mile depending on the traffic lane.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Alfalfa Horse Hay

3rd Cutting Large 3'x3'x6' Square Bales from barn!

$90 per bale fob barn!

Trucking Available

63 bales per truck load!

Hurry only 2 loads remaining!

Call Ken 423-943-2847
Al 210-393-5063

Hay was put up right!

Hay Terms:
Payment with credit card or wire transfer prior to loading truck.
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express
Call Ken 423-943-2847
Trucking Terms:
Trucking is to be paid upon delivery with a cashier's check or cash.
Barn with this hay is in the 65705 zip code area.
Trucking rate is $2.75 per loaded mile and will haul 63 bales per load. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Premium Horse Hay!

Timothy Orchard Grass Horse Hay!

350 bales per truck load!

$8 per bale fob barn.

Trucking is available at $2.50 per loaded mile.

3 string Square Bales.

Bales weigh over 100 lbs. 

Call Now while they last:

Ken 423-943-2847

Bales are said to weigh 130 lbs!
                               350 bales @ 130 lbs is a heavy load.
                                Have some strong ones ready to unload!
                                Lots of hay in every bale!  3 string ties!

Terms for Hay:

Payment via Credit Card or Wire Transfer 
prior to dispatch of truck.
We accept:
Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express

Terms for trucking:
Trucking terms are subject to the carrier selected.
Roadrunner Transportation Services is net 30 with pre-approved business credit or fax check the day of dispatch.
Other carriers require Cashier's check upon delivery or one will take your credit card.  We will tell you which carrier has a truck available prior to loading.
Call Ken 423-943-2847
For trucking information