Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Quality Ky Barn Hay! Horses Love It!

3'x3'x6' Orchard, Bluegrass Mixed Grass Hay!

$35 FOB Barn in Ky.

2016 Ky Barn Hay!
Only 3 loads available!

Trucking $2.25 per loaded mile. Tarp $75.

72 bales per truck load! Horses like this hay!

Delivered to these areas In 72 bale truck load lots:

Athens Ga. $49.56 per bale. 
 Atlanta Ga $48 per bale.
Birmingham Al. $47.63 per bale. 
 Chattanooga Tn $46 per bale.
Asheville NC $45.50 per bale. 
 Charlotte NC $49 per bale.
Columbia SC $49.94 per bale. 
 Florence, Al $48.61 per bale.
Nashville, Tn. $44. per bale.
 Gadsden, Al. $48 per bale
Huntsville, Al $47.92 per bale.
 Greenville, SC $47 per bale.
Hickory, NC $49.50 per bale. 
 Knoxville, Tn $43 per bale.
Rome, Ga. $47 per bale. 
 Tri-Cities, Tn. $44 per bale.
Winston-Salem NC $49 per bale.
For exact delivery quote call 
Al 865-333-4720
or Ken
or email

2016 Barn Hay Close Out! Last of the Best!

Orchard Mixed Grass

4'x5' Net Wrapped Barn Hay!

$39 fob barn in Ky.

38 bales per truck load!

Trucking Available from $2.25 per loaded Mile!

To order Call:
Al 865-333-4720

All Orders Require Prepayment Before A Truck is Ordered.
Wire or Pay Pal
For Pay Pal add 2.75%

Save Big! Pre- Order Quality Grass

 Quality Grass or Alfalfa 3'x3'x8' Hay

Save Big by pre-ordering our Quality 2017 Hay Production Now!
Limited Quantities Available. Order NOW and Save $5 per bale.

Confirm now with only a 10% deposit and save up to $270 per load!

First loads expected to ship 3rd or 4th week of May 2017.
Loads are shipped with 54 bales per load. 
 We arrange trucking for you!

2016 Orchard/Perennial Rye Mix tested 15.8% protein!

1st cutting availability:

* 14 loads of Orchard/Perennial Rye Mix only $50 Bale.

* 5 loads of 25% Old stand Alfalfa over seeded with new crop
Orchard/Perennial Rye with 2 lbs of Ladino Clover only $55 Bale.

* 3 Loads of 75% Alfalfa, 25% Orchard only $60 Bale.

Pre-orders save $5 per bale on posted price!

10% deposit via check, pay pal. 
 All Hay is subject to pre-sale!

To pre-order call Ken 423-943-2847
 or Al  865-333-4720 
or fax 903-485-8166 
White House Farms

Friday, December 16, 2016

Many ask: Who are we?

We are White House Farms!
A Partnership!
Partners are:
Ken Gaskin
Hay Pro!
Ken will go most anywhere to serve!
Here Ken is forging the river to get to some hay!

Pastor Teacher Friend

Husband Provider

Ken and Al Bass have been working together
for over 28 years!
One is always on the ground...
the other seems to always be in the clouds!

Al Bass
Hay Shipper!

Al has been moving hay since high school and worked with two hay trucks as well as a square baler right out of high school.
Al was the ranch foreman at the Allison Ranch in 1969-1970 in Corsicana, Texas.

Husband Provider

His wife keeps him moving fast!
Al is always up in the air about something!

Al loves to have FUN!

However, every now and then he obeys!
He even dressed up once or twice!

Bottom line is these two love to move hay and provide valuable solutions to others! 

For solutions to hay problems give us a call!

Ken Gaskin 423-943-2847

Al Bass Cloud #9!   

So now you know when you see truck loads of hay going down the highway who to think of!

When you see truck stop and load boards full of loads of hay to be moved who to think of.

The two at White House Farms! 
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

High Quality Horse Hay!

Orchard-Timothy-Perennial Rye
1st Class Stuff!
4 Loads
Shipped 54 bales per load

$50 per bale fob NE Ky Farm
Trucking available $2.25 per mile.
Nothing baled with more than 12% moisture!

Barn Hay!

54 Bales Delivered To These Cities:
Athens, Ga. $68.55 per bale
Atlanta, Ga. $67.58 per bale
Birmingham, Al. $69.63 per bale
Chattanooga, Tn. $63.33 per bale
Columbus, Ga. $71.88 per bale
Nashville, Tn. 62.50 per bale
Gadsden, Al. $67.46 per bale
Huntsville, Al. $66.45 per bale
Florence, Al. $66.71 per bale
Knoxville, Tn. $58.83 per bale
Greenville, SC. $65.75 per bale
Rome, Ga. $65.71 per bale
Tri-Cities, Tn. $59.79 per bale
Asheville, NC. $63.50 per bale
Tupelo, Ms. $70.42 per bale

Hay Terms:
Wire Transfer before Truck Loads
To order Call Ken:

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Premium Ky Horse Hay

Orchard, Alfalfa, Timothy
3'x3'x8' Large Squares
Sprayed and Fertilized

$70 per bale
(fob NE Ky Barn)
Lots of 54 or 63 bales
Bales weigh about 730 lbs.

Horses love this hay!
No Weeds! 

65% Orchard, 20% Alfalfa, 15% Timothy

Trucking Available for $2.25 per loaded mile!

To Order Call Ken

This hay delivered in 63 bale lots to:
Nashville, Tn $78 per bale
Athens, Ga. $84.25 per bale
Atlanta, Ga. $83.40 per bale
Birmingham, Al. $84.20 per bale
Chattanooga, Tn. $79.75 per bale

This hay delivered in 54 bale lots to:
Nashville, Tn $79.38 per bale
Athens, Ga. $86.60 per bale
Atlanta, Ga. $85.63 per bale
Birmingham, Al. $86.54 per bale
Chattanooga, Tn. $81.40 per bale

Hay Terms:
Wire Transfer before Truck Loads

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Net Wrapped Barn or Tarp Hay

Quality Hay
38 Bales Per Load
4'x5' Round Bales

$45 per bale
fob barn
$43 per bale
fob tarp

Farm is in NE Ky.

To Order Call Ken

Hay Terms
Wire Transfer
Trucking $2 per loaded mile
The Pictured Truck is hauling hay from another of our farms.